Marc Reiner Schmidt

- European Champion of Supermoto - 2015

- International of Italy Champion of Supermoto S1 - 2015

France Champ. rd#6, 9 august - Alpe d'Huez (F)
--> WINNER !!! <--

Superbiker 9-10-11 october - at Mettet (B)
--> WINNER !!! <--


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  • Superbiker 2015, 9-10-11 october Mettet (B) <a href='' target='_blank'>PHOTOALBUM: Superbiker 2015,Mettet (B)</a>
  • CSI SM Rd#6 Ottobiano 2015 <a href='' target='_blank'>PHOTOALBUM: Ottobiano, SM CSI#6 - 27-sep-2015</a>
  • Alpe D'Huez 2015 France supermoto championship <a href='' target='_blank'>PHOTOALBUM: Alpe D'Huez 9-aug-2015</a>
  • ECS Rd#5 Villena 2015 <a href='' target='_blank'>PHOTOALBUM: Villena, GP of Comunitat Velenciana (Spain) - 12-jul-2015</a>
  • CSI SM Rd#5 Viterbo 2015 Supermoto Italy // Viterbo // 28-jun-2015
  • ECS Rd#4 Poznan 2015 Rd#4 7-jun-2015 - GP of Polland, Poznan (Polland)
  • CI SM Rd#4 Pomposa 2015 Fourth race of the season, two to the end of championship with Marc Reiner Schmidt's Degasoline motorsport Trieste leading the championship and increasing the gap to 380 points from second place!
Saturday testing in wet conditions so on Sunday morning with sun Marc is not able, in the short time available, half an hour including 10 minutes of time practice, and due to the little knowledge of the track, to do better than eight position: 8th on the grid 1: 05,850! First Edgardo Borella (Honda) 1: 05.068, second Thomas Chareyre (TM) 1: 05.099, third Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) 1: 05.593.
Race 1: Marc starts from the second row, comes out of the first turn in seventh place, in the 15 minutes of race manages to reach the third place, by making a spectacular series of passes. Finishers: 1st Chareyre, 2nd Occhini and 3rd Schmidt.
Race 2: Marc starts from the eighth position, the first turn does not improve then surpasses opponents up in the offroad track to the second place until at 3 seconds from Chareyre. Final race Chareyre, Schmidt, Occhini. 
Marc Reiner Schmidt always in command with 1690pt, 2nd Ivan Lazzarini 1310, third Andrea Occhini 1305.

Next meeting at Viterbo  28, June
  • European SM, Rd#3 Busca (Ita) Race 1:
It was another perfect start for the S2 Championship leader TM DEGASOLINE Marc Reiner SCHMIDT and another faultless performance as he cruised to yet another race victory by more than seven seconds to record his fifth race win of the season.
Behind him things were a little more frantic as TM Racing Toni KLEM found his way into second early on, he was briefly challenged by HONDA L30 Yuri GUARDALA' but was able to pull clear to the tune of around eight seconds by the time the checkered flag fell. 
Race 2:
After five moto's in 2015 it seems that there are no challengers to the top step of the podium in S2 as once again Marc Reiner Schmidt cruised to another start-to-finish victory to make it six-from-six from the opening three rounds. Behind him though it was the usual carnage that befits the S2 European championship class.
As Schmidt pulled clear Toni KLEM found himself in second position with Yuri GUARDALA', Fabrizio BARTOLINI Mattia MARTELLA and Giovanni BUSSEI hot on his wheels while championship contender Diego MONTICELLI found himself buried deep in the pack in 18th.
On Lap 4 though, things started to heat up as Klem fell from second position to tenth, Guardala' fell to fourth and after he brake the engine and Martella fell to 23rd, thus promoting Fabrizio Bartolini up to second and Giovanni Bussei to third.
OVERALL: 1° SCHMIDT Marc Reiner 150pt., 2° KLEM Toni 110pt., 3° BUSSEI Giovanni 98pt.   

(from - Supermoto European Championship | © 2015 - BPROM snc - All Rights Reserved)
  • Roggwil/BE 2015 Swiss supermoto championship Prestige <a href='' target='_blank'>RESULTS: Roggwil/BE 2015 Swiss supermoto championship Prestige</a>
  • CI SM Rd#2 & Rd#3 Monza 2015 Second and third round of the Italian Supermoto championship in the circuit of Monza (Ita). The two races, gathered for the occasion in the 10 days of Monza Biker Fest, due to unavailability of the Fiera di Milano area, hosting EXPO 2015.
En Plein for Marc Reiner Schmidt, dominant of Monza, placed four times at the first position. Already from the Friday practice he got the best times in all sessions, so redeeming the race at the beginning of the season, when he finished third.
Race 1: Marc starts from the pole position with a time of 1: 04.465 ahead of Ivan Lazzarini at 0,158s and Andrea Occhini at 0,342s, reaches the first turn in the first position and keeps the head of the race to the finish.
Race 2: Marc starts from the pole but  Occhini close his way at the first turn and takes the leading of the race. After four laps,  at the end of the finish straight, Marc passes Occhini going to win the second race of the day. 50 points are the gain of Saturday.
Sunday morning, after a rainy night, everything starts from the beginning.  The offroad track has been changed, it's faster but still very wet. Marc uses slick tires, the others use rain tires, During practice, he keeps the best time up to 5 minutes from the end with 1: 05.756, then Lazzarini can fetch a good 1: 04.985 that earns him the pole, ahead of Marc at 0,77s and Occhini at 1,1s.
Race 1: Starts Lazzarini followed by Marc and Occhini.  Ravaglia close the way to Lazzarini and Schmidt and the three go to ground. Ravaglia does not get up so the race is suspended.
it restarts after 10 minutes, with Ravaglia bruised and will retire. Marc turns in the lead position at the first curve and  wins ahead of Lazzarini and Edgardo Borella.
Race 2: Marc starts in the second position. At the first turn he is behind Lazzarini and maintains this position for four laps, then enters the off road  surpasses Ivan on the jumps and keeps the lead until the end, second Lazzarini third Occhini. Another 50 points and the championship lead with 21 points ahead of Ivan Lazzarini.
  • European SM, Rd#2 Ottobiano (Ita) Second Round in 2015 for Degasoline motorsport of Trieste (ita) at the Supermoto European Championship, Grand prix of Italy in Ottobiano (PV).
Marc Reiner Schmidt after the first race in Spain starts with the red table of championship leader and reveals the emerging pilot of the season in 2015, winning also the two manches in Italy confirming its first place in the standings with four wins of four.
Starting grid: 1st Marc R.Schmidt 1.31,465, 2nd Yuri Guardalà  in 2.4 seconds, 3rd Giovanni Bussei to more than 2.8 seconds.
Race 1: Starting with a few drops of rain on dry asphalt that has led to the departure as a wet race, Marc leads from start to finish and wins almost 17 seconds ahead of Guardalà and Bussei
Race 2: uncertain weather after a rain that has soaked the circuit during the interval. It was decided to run with two slick tires, the direct rivals all with rubber rain front tire and slick rear, Marc starts from the first position as a rocket and enters first curve in the lead position, gaining ten meters already in the third curve. At the end of lap one 6.5 seconds is the difference from the second position!! Marc finishes the race in the lead with 14 seconds on Klem second and Martella third. Leder with 100 points in the championship
  • European SM, Rd#1 Jerez (Spain) Second Round in the 2015 season for Degasoline motorsport of Trieste (ita), and First round of Supermoto European Championship in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain).
This time it took 2400km to get to the circuit, set in a square in the center of the city under the patronage of the famous motor racing circuit of Jerez.  Since the first day Marc Schmidt demonstrates to go fast. All the practice and qualifying sessions were held by running a limited number of laps on the track, in order to keep the tires, as this year only four of them are available for testing, practice, warm-up and two runs.
Starting grid: 1st Marc R.Schmidt 1.04.445, 2nd Yuri Guardalà to 580/10, 3rd Fabrizio Bartolini to over 8/10.
During the warm-up in the morning Marc got a great 1.03.980, that would see him in 3rd place on the grid of the world championship, a good premise for S1GP  next year.
Race one makes a holeshot, leading from start to finish and won with about ten seconds ahead.
Race two the same of the first!
The rookie of the European Championship Supermoto 2015 is now in the lead with 8 points ahead of Toni Kleim and 13 of Yuri Guardalà
Next meeting in Ottobiano (eng) the 25 to 26 April.
  • CI SM Rd#1 Viterbo 2015 Supermoto Italy // Viterbo // english<br>Hi huys,<br>
The season 2015 has begun in Viterbo at the gates of Rome in Italy, a prelude to the Italian Championship!
Shortly before the beginning of the qualifying it started to rain that brought an unusual startformation:<br>
Row 1: E. Borella, 2.) A. Occini, 3.) M.-R. Schmidt, Ivan Lazzarini 4,
Row 2: 5 Mauno Hermunnen, 6. Thomas Chareyre, 7) C. Ravaglia, 8) L. D'Addato ...<br>
At the pre-start to run 1 I had again the wheels swap, despite the cold, the track dried in some sections, my start was not perfect and lost positions, but during the race I was able to overtake again and again because of my good overview and good off-road skills and take the lead in round 5! Unfortunately I then made a small mistake and slipped that threw me back some positions, Finish: 1. Chareyre, 2nd Lazzarini, 3. Occini, 4. Schmidt, 5. Borella ...
Run 2: The start could Mauno (# 131) due to the superior power of TM gain from the second row, then Ivan (# 30), I (# 41), Edgardo (# 20) and Thomas (# 4) ... in this race, there were again some overtaking Thomas # 4 soon took over the top, I could Ivan # 30 and Mauno # 131 - overtake this time on asphalt and in second place, the speed of TM factory rider Thomas Chareyre could I still do not quite go along so I decided after I had driven me something free to manage - but unfortunately resulted from a mid-race 'little problem' with my rear tire and I had to reduce speed! Mauno # 131 was again pass by on the last lap was starting a fast curve Ivan's over I then but could happen with a resolute action again and have so 0.1 rescued him across the finish line ... Wow! This was 3-time in this run. 2015'er TM's on the podium – any questions ???
I would like to say thank you at this point to Moto TM for this wonderful and incredibly fast machine. Thank you to my team Degasoline Motorsport for this sensational dedication and theire passion for Supermoto, I also want to say to all the sponsors 'Mille Grazie' to all, for making this possible.
In the daily standings and provisional championship standings: 1. # 4 Thomas Chareyre 500 pts, 2nd # 30 Ivan Lazzarini 350 pts, 3rd # 41 Marc-R... Schmidt 310 pts. 4. Andrea Occini 280 pts. 5. # 131 Mauno Hermunnen 247 pts. ...
Conclusion start of the season: we - that team and myself - are in a very good position - but we certainly still room for improvement - I'm still not at 100%, I see more and look forward Potiental this top bike gradually increasingly be able to use - that is the beginning of a wonderful success story and start with a new 'family'.
Next weekend start to the season for the European Championships in Jerez / Spain ...
sliding regards, Marc-Reiner Schmidt 'powerslider'
  • Rd#4 20-sep-2015 - GP of Austria, Melk (Austria)
  • Superbiker 2015, 9-10-11 october - Mettet (B), Marc Schmidt
  • Supermoto Internazionali d'Italia rd#6 GP of Ottobiano 27-9-2015, Marc Schmidt
  • Supermoto Internazionali d'Italia rd#6 GP of Ottobiano 27-9-2015, Marc Schmidt
  • Supermoto European Championship rd#5 GP of Comunitat Valenciana Villena 2015, Marc Schmidt
  • HighLights Marc Schmidt at Internazionali d'Italia Supermoto rd#5 Viterbo 2015
  • Internazionali d'Italia Supermoto rd#5 Viterbo 2015
  • Supermoto European Championship rd#4 GP of Poland Poznan 2015 Schmidt Highlights
  • Supermoto European Championship rd#4 GP of Poland Poznan 2015
  • Supermoto European Championship rd#4 GP of Poland Poznan 2015
  • HighLights Marc Schmidt at Internazionali d'Italia Supermoto rd#4 Pomposa  2015
  • Internazionali d'Italia Supermoto rd#4 race 1 Pomposa  2015
  • Internazionali d'Italia Supermoto rd#4 race 2 Pomposa 2015
  • Supermoto European Championship rd#3 Busca 2015
  • Internazionali d'Italia Supermoto rd#2 & rd#3 Monza 2015
  • Supermoto European Championship rd#2 Ottobiano 2015
  • Supermoto European Championship rd#1 Jerez 2015
  • Supermoto CSI Rd#2 Viterbo 2015
  • Supermoto CSI Rd#1 Viterbo 2015
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Marc Reiner Schmidt

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Reiner Schmidt

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